Minttu & Kimi Räikkönen interview in Finnish Elle: “Kimi takes good care of us”

source: Elle magazine, April 2017

preface by editor in chief, Taru Marjamaa:


* Finnish rye bread

A sportive blond man opens the kitchen’s fridge door and looks at what to eat. Attention is drawn to the man’s left arm, where his son’s face is tattooed. There are also several magnets with the same little blond head on the door of the fridge. The man spreads butter on his rye bread and eats the bread quietly standing, looking pensive on the sea.

It’s hard to believe that this tender Finnish man is Formula 1 driver Kimi Räikkönen. Kimi is not known to be needlessly gentle; he is the Iceman, who behaves indifferently towards the media and answers the journalists’ questions sharply. The Iceman, however, seems to be the opposite of the man I got to talk to in Porkkalanniemi. He speaks beautifully of his wife and family and appears humble.

The life of family Räikkönen is surprisingly normal. Kimi seeks out his rye bread himself from the store and does not wait for someone to butter his bread.

Beside the rye bread plate on the kitchen table, lies a coveted Hermes Birkin bag. It belongs to Minttu Räikkönen, a determined woman who calmed Kimi.

Kimi shows Robin a motocross video when I interview the couple.

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