Kimi Räikkönen “Now I drive the car just as I want”


Interview after Day 2 of Budapest Testing

The great question after Budapest is related to the super Ferrari seen last weekend. Will we find it on other tracks as well?

“There are circuits on which we go stronger but it’s like this for every team. In our case, we know what is missing and when you know your own shortcomings there is a good chance of improvement. We had problems at Silverstone but we went very well at Hungaroring, but we’re working to be more stable. It will take a while, they are steps to do one at a time.”

Are you satisfied with the first part of the season?

“It is far from ideal but obviously not bad. But there is still some improvement.”

What development program did you carry out in these tests?

“I can’t tell you … let’s say it’s a normal test, we’re doing some evaluations that can be made when there are tires and time available. They have been important tests because we have the references from the race weekend, so they are very precise.”

Leclerc said your help was valuable in preparing for his test…

“I’m glad that he is happy but I would say that the whole team is helping him. It is never easy to make the first steps at the wheel of an unknown car and one that is very different from what you’ve been driving earlier but Charles has time available and he has proven to be a driver that always progresses. I believe that a good future is awaiting him.”

What do you think about Kubica’s return to the track?

“It’s good to see him again behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car, it’s something he loves to do. I do not know much about his situation but I’m sure it’s a good moment for him.”

In the last two races, Silverstone and Hungaroring, you gave the impression of having made a step forward with the feeling of the SF70H.

“For sure. You can always improve but in my case, things have changed on my car that allowed me to drive as I want. Now I’m expecting confirmations from the next race on.”

Spa, site of the next GP, is one of your favorite circuits. But it looks like a track made for the Mercedes…

“If you just look at the layout of the track you would say yes but at the same time it is difficult to predict with certainty how a team’s performance will be. We will go to Belgium with the will to have our say.”