Finnish author Kari Hotakainen writes book about Kimi Räikkönen, was “at work” at F1 race in Malaysia

source: Helsingin Sanomat

Finlandia Prize-winning author Kari Hotakainen is writing a book about Formula One driver Kimi Räikkönen. MTV Sport was the first to report, and Räikkönen’s affairs manager Sami Visa confirmed it.

Hotakainen himself also confirms the case to HS.

“Yes, that’s in the making,” he says.

He answers the phone from Kuala Lumpur. Räikkönen is racing this weekend at Sepang’s F1 track – Hotakainen is therefore getting material for the book. At Sepang paddock Hotakainen was spotted by MTV Sport.

“It was not meant to get any publicity yet. But of course, people wonder what the hell I’m doing here, “Hotakainen says.

Hotakainen can’t yet evaluate the book’s completion date. He doesn’t want to tell much about the work. The process is, in his view, at the very beginning.

“Talking about unfinished work is always difficult for me. But we are at work here.”

A biography or non-fictional book of Räikkönen will come in any case. It’s new for Hotakainen because so far all of his works have been fictitious.

“But I have the same kind of ambition as to other matters. This is not a momentary fancy, I wanted to do something totally new. Hopefully, this will be a combination of everything that I’ve done before.”

“This is extremely interesting. And surreal, I can’t say anything else, ” he laughs.

According to Hotakainen, the initiative for the book did not come from Räikkönen or his close circle, but the idea was his own.

“My idea, which I never thought would come true, but which then became a reality. It’s a long story, and I’ll open the process in more detail later on.”

What exactly is so interesting about Kimi Räikkönen that Hotakainen wanted to write a book?

“I have written a fictional biography about Buster Keaton,” he says.

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